*Merri Hellisnt*



Meri Hietala is an multimedia artist currently based in Kouvola, Finland. She creates performances, site specific installations and sound art.

Hietala has exhibited in solo and group shows and created public installations, sound art and performance art actions in Europe and Australia since 2006. Over the years inspiring materials and such have been random found objects, wastelands, off cuts, dirt and organic ones (plants, humans, fishes) as well as fresh and endangered sounds. She explores inner and outer environments with physical and acoustic methods, and is working for the earth.

Artist Statement

“For me the action is exploring the visible and touchable landscapes of mapped trails and reaching beyond these societal tracks. Sniffing the story lines, composing auditive and etheric cosmograms, celebrating the diversity.

My mission is to challenge the structures, imported restricting behavioral manners for all the living hybrids, with time and squeeze  I let this borrowed multi-sensorial temple to sink and introduce possible unions with the eternal patterns, movement and systems.

Be – longing

Another kind of dream state. This applies in various levels when creating sounds and performance. At times these actions  can be installed into material communication.

Hearing the unvisible.

Caressing the waters of mother earth.”


Selected performances



November 30 – December 1 

Performance Site Den Haag, 


September 2 Ahtautuminen (Hietala&Ahonen), Wasteland festival, Jättömaa menee metsään, Kouvola, Finland

August 23 Aqua Mana solo performance, Asian wind Finnish wood, Galleria Kookos, Helsinki, Finland

5 Day International Performance Art Workshop – Body – Sound- Environment.  Organized by Energia Akatemia (founder Meri Hietala) in collaboration with Artcenter Antares, Sippola, Finland

Aqua Mana solo performance, Culture moon Pecko, Huhdasjärvi, Finland

Aqua Mana solo performance, Aller Retour näyttely @ Galleria Lapinlahti, Helsinki, Finland


Co-creation  Venice International Performance Art Week, Venice, Italy

PAB open, Aqua Mana long durational x 2  Performance Art Bergen, Norway

VeinEmoinen, Taidekeskus Antares, Performance art day, Kouvola, Finland

Ahtautuminen, Meri Hietala & Antti Ahonen, Olohuone 306,4m2 urban art festival, Turku, Finland

Aqua Mana solo sound performance, PATO club Ambient organized by Esa Kotilainen, Esa2, Taideruukki, Kuusankoski, Finland

Kalervo Palsa demo (invited by Palsa work group: Katri Kainulainen, Maximilliam Latva, Antti Ahonen, Arttu Kurttila), Mad House, Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland


Lihallinen joulukalenteri – Meaty xmas calender, Hietala & Antti Ahonen, Reikä Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

Solo performance “A La Toopi”  Oksasenkatu 11 gallery, opening of Suburbia exhibition by Katri Kainulainen and Antti Ahonen, Helsinki, Finland

RimeC7 solo, Kolmas Korva, Omenapuutalo, Helsinki, Finland

Shower Opera collective performance with Maija Saksman, Maippi Ketola, Mariam Haji, Wasteland festival, Kouvola, Finland

Solo Riimimikissa sound performance, Wasteland festival, Kouvola, Finland

Solo “VeinEmoinen” performance , OK11 goes east // XFAKTA, organized by Oksasenkatu 11 Galleria, Villa Lill-Kallvik, Helsinki, Finland

Shower Opera collective performance with Maija Saksman, Maippi Ketola, at Arlan sauna, Kallio kukkii, Helsinki, Finland

Solo “Lowe Dag 27” two performances as part of INTERCESSIONS OPEN performance event, Scratch Art Space, part of Marrickville Art Trail, Sydney Art Month, Sydney, Australia, supported by Frame


Solo “Xmash Xhams” for LOCO Live performance festival, curated by Katya Petetskaya, Loco Project, Sydney, Australia LOCO Project

Performance “Xhams”, via skype in collaboration with Aamunkoiton Siat; K. Kainulainen, E. Tahkolahti, M. Latva, A. Ahonen for Porin Juhlaviikot, Pori, Finland

“Aqua Mana” soundpiece for “micro process”, curated by Irina Mutt, Nau Estruch, Catalonia, Spain

“Aqua Mana” soundperformance, collaboration with dancer Bonnie Curtis, On the CUSP, Bangarra Studio Dance Theater, Sydney, Australia

Ahtautuminen with Antti Ahonen & Ahtautujat – group, into Plastic Bottle Sea invited by Kaisa Salmi, Kouvola Art Museum, Kouvola, Finland

Live visuals with Vj KSNK for KOELSE, Wasteland Festival, Kouvola, Finland

Ahtautuminen with A. Ahonen & Ahtautujat, Ars Auttoinen, invited by Komugi Ando, Finland

Ahtautuminen (Hietala&Ahonen), Eskusplosion12H, ESKUS Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland

Ahtautuminen (Hietala&Ahonen), invited by Komugi Ando, Gallery Katariina, Helsinki, Finland

“Ahtautuminen” ongoing multidisciplinary art expedition with Antti Ahonen, Finland

“Closed violinist” Gallery 3H+k, Porin Juhlaviikot, Pori, Finland

SAHASTRA  at Jättömaa Wasteland Festival, Kouvola, Finland

Reptile collaboration with Ranjit Menon, Jättömaa Wasteland Festival, Kouvola, Finland

“BondAge1” performance collaboration with Aino Johansson, Gallery 3H + K, Pori, Finland

“Under the Urban Blanket” audiovisual collaboration with Chika Matsuda, screened @ MicrofilmFestival around Europe (Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin etc.)

SAHASTRA tour collaboration with Riders of Lost Current and Vj KSNK, in

NOOK culture center,


Telenoika, Barcelona, Spain

Riders of the Lost Current collaboration, Ars Lieke­ iltamat, Kouvola, Finland

SAHASTRA concerts;

XL Art Space (with Vj KSNK),

Pop Up Art House Diana stage (with Vj KSNK),

Hissimusaa (music in the lift) Vallila festival,

http://www.mustekala.info 10th year anniversary Kruunuhaka,

Akkuna Gallery & Tovi Gallery Lasipalatsi, Helsinki, Finland

Camouflage ­ Living Sculpture painting (with VJ James Wright) , Racket 20, Experimental Arts, Sounds&Visuals Club @ Miss Libertines, Melbourne, Australia
“Tsunami” by Dead Ants Trio; Merri Hellisnt, Troy Naumoff, Kevin Lo, Miss Libertines, Melbourne, Australia

Dead Ants Rainbow, Black Market, NoisePunkExperimental&beyond, Gasometer, Melbourne How to birds, by Kevin Lo, La Mama theater Explorations series, Melbourne, Australia
Fire Bird ­ Living Sculpture painting, Racket 16, Miss Libertines, Melbourne, Australia
Nobel ­ Live painting, Racket 7, Miss Libertines, Melbourne, Australia

RR, Live painting/installations, Racket 5, Miss Libertines, Melbourne


Selected installations and exhibitions


Hospitality, productivity, mystery Meri Hietala & Antti Ahonen, Third Space gallery, Helsinki, Finland

VeinEmoinen paintings in “Art – Tool”, Group Exhibition, Antares Art center, Sippola, Finland

Culture moon Pecko, environmental art show, in jury and organizing, Huhdasjärvi, Finland

Stinging Passage, Environmental art show, Culture Moon Pecko, Huhdasjärvi, Finland

RASi 637 group exhibition, in jury and organizing, Kouta Gallery, Kouvola, Finland


      Solo exhibition “VeinEmoinen” at KOUTA Gallery, Kouvola Art Museum, Kouvola, Finland


Guest Artist with Ahtautuminen (Hietala&Ahonen) in Suburbia exhibition by Katri Kainulainen and Antti Ahonen, Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki, Finland

Sound installation “Tearing the muse” for Art Trail, ‘Fractangular Gathering’,  Tasmania, Australia


Landscape-Metropolis, sound art for Jonne Pitkänen’s video Alakulo, at Gallery G11, Berlin, Germany

Ahtautuminen with Antti Ahonen for group show OK11 – Open Call 1, Gallery Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki, Finland


Ahtautuminen installation with Antti Ahonen for T.E.H.D.A.S. Live and Dead Art exhibition in Pori Museum of Art, Finland

Ahtautuminen exhibition with Antti Ahonen, Gallery 3H +K, Pori, Finland

REPTILE exhibition with Ranjit Menon, AMF Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

Soiva Metsä collective sound junk installation in forest @Jättömaa Festival, Kouvola, Finland

About Love group exhibition, Gallery oYoY, curated by Aino Johansson, Lahti, Finland

Rendez Vous Cellular exhibition with Hanna Kaisa Vainio, NOOK Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

”Ton+Ton” audiovisual work with Hanna Kaisa Vainio for group show, Loop Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Multicoloured Dreams, murals with Hanna Kaisa Vainio, Kauppahalli, Helsinki

“Ton+Ton”, exhibition with Hanna Kaisa Vainio, ToviGallery, Lasipalatsi, Helsinki

Solo exhibition *POLUTON*, Kasematti IV Gallery, Harakka saari, Helsinki


Shadow Event, installation, group show, Esitystaiteen keskus, Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland

Site specific Land Art interventions, “Poluton”, Lappland of Finland, Sweden and Norway

Monniponix installation, collaboration with Hanna Kaisa Vainio, Testaushalli – Laboratory Environmental Art group show@AAH, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

Wooden Sculpture series “Dreamtime creation story” for Mia Mia Aboriginal Art Gallery, Westerfolds Park, Melbourne, Australia


ScanArt 2011 Group Show, 1000 Pound Bend Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

“WeB”, Hikulagi Environmental Sculpture park, Niue, South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand

NoTiced for Meirami collective in Group Show “Belonging”, Bahrain

”Feather Gardens” sculpture for MoreArt, Moreland City Council Public Art Show, Melbourne, Australia

ScanArt 2010 Group Show, 1000 Pound Bend Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

AHNE 2010 festival, video installation “Better city, Better life?”, Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland


*memorial* Solo Art exhibition, Galleria Aralis, Helsinki, Finland
“Take Away” Group exhibition, Galleria Johan S, Helsinki, Finland

Ancient fires collective wood/fire sculpture, Suomussalmi, Finland
”minimini” Group exhibition by spraygraphic, Tempe Arizona, USA
*MeMeMeMe* Solo Art Installation, Esplanadi Park, Helsinki, Finland
”ArtAttacks” Solo exhibition , Imagine Art Residency, Coomba, NSW, Australia

Site specific Art Installations, “NoTiced”, “Fire Totem”, around South Island, New Zealand

Group exhibition/XmasAuction, Guildford lane Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

”Page 702” Solo exhibition , Eisenberg ́s Gallery, The Victorian Museum Of Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Australia

Poste SF Group show , Melbourne Street Art Festival, Famous When Dead Gallery, Australia

Menkka HaukkaAnti Fashion Show Tour, Collection ”!McEstae!”, Helsinki & Porvoo, Finland

Solo !McEstae!, Secco Shop Gallery space, Helsinki, Finland
Kohtuullisen Onnellinen recycled group Art show, Laituri Gallery, Kamppi, Helsinki, Finland
Inter Female group show, Galleria Aralis, Helsinki, Finland

Cumulus International Design Conference, “January” Collection with Jukka Herttua for Ecological Green Fashion Show, Nantes, France
Secco Recycled Designs Showroom touring Paris, Tokyo and Helsinki
Recycled Designs from 2005, Kino Riitta, Turenki, Finland


International Professional Teacher Education degree, HAMK, Finland

MA in environmental arts, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

BA in textile arts, University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland

Art in Public space studies, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia


2009 Secco and recycled designs/textiles in re-­use, University of Lappland Rovaniemi, Finland

2005-­2006 Recycling design workshops with Kierke Helsinki, in Turku and in Helsinki, Finland

Member of

Finnish Bio Art Society, Vadelma ry, Kouta, Antares

Permanent art works
“Creation story, Brolga Dreaming”, wood sculpture cypress pine, 2012, for Mia Mia Aboriginal Art Gallery, Alistair Knox Park, Melbourne, Australia

“WeB”, junk installation, Hikulagi Sculpture Park, Niue Island, South Pacific

“MissSpell”, wood sculpture, by the Merri Creek, Ceres Environmental Park, Melbourne, Australia


2017-2018 Taidekeskus Antares, Sippola, Finland

2013-­17 RASi637, Kouvola, Finland

2015 Imagine, Coomba, NSW, Australia, supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2012 Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Finnish Bio Art Society, Finland
2010 Blender Studios, Melbourne, Australia
2009 Imagine, Coomba, NSW, Australia
2008 Understudy to Multimedia Artist Maxine Williams, Clyde, New Zealand






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