Intercessions Open

Intercessions Open Gianni Vice

Scratch Art Space 5.-6.3.2016

Intercessions Open is a two-day experiment. A group of artists exploring performance as a mode to uncover relationships between space, architecture, body and time will inhabit, collide and disappear in a series of durational and endurance performances. Expect the ironic to the ecstatic.

Part of Marrickville Open Studio Trail (MOST) 2016 and Art Month Sydney

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Performance Artists: Julie Vulcan, Yiorgos Zafiriou, Meri Hietala, Katya Peteskaya, James Needham-Walker, Rakini Devi, Nicola Morton, Tom Isaacs, Tamara Elkins, Julian Woods

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Meri Hietala “Lowe Dag 27”

Day 1: Circle of objects in the space. Real time video chat connection to Finland to artist Antti Ahonen. Antti gives uplifting speech about boundaries and suggestions to Meri and audience to explore the objects and the space.

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Day 2: Objects piled up in the corner. Meri squeezes inside. Manages to move  inside the mountain of objects, dragging them along across the space. Liberates self. Disappears under the table.

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Photos Ivana Jovanovic