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A. Takalo & Takavalot – Merkit ilmassa

Music video: Fiestacita production by Merri Hellisnt & Ville Kirjanen 2015, filmed in RASi637 and uproad N.Y.C.

Äänet: Meri Hietala, Anthony Magen (lyyrypyrstö) Kuvaus ja editointi: Sam Lahtinen Säv/san/sov: A.Takalo 2022
Intro: Sound composition by Meri Hietala based on field recordings, special thanks for Anthony Magen gifting lyrebird field recording into the soundpool.

I did a role of “death” in a film called “Tuonpuoleinen” by artists Sisko Pajari and Kalle Kuisma.

Film has been screened in Jumin Keko in Kuhmo in 2021 and in Karjala house in Helsinki 2022 as part of the artist duo´s exhibitions.

Jonne Pitkänen: Alakulo 2015.
Meri Hietala visiting violin player.
The field burn in the “ALAKULO” took place in spring 2015 at RASi637, Kouvola, Finland

Video has been shown in Landscape-Metropolis video screening in gallery G11, Berlin Germany 2015.

Kuupulu band performing in Hirvitalo contemporary art center August 2020, Tampere, Finland