Rendez-Vous Cellular

Rendez-vous cellular

collaboration of Meri Hietala & Hanna Kaisa Vainio, NOOK art space,

VJ KSNK visuals for SAHASTRA (Hietala & Vainio) performance inside the installation,

Barcelona, Spain 2014

Merri Hellisnt –
“La instalación está inspirada en la guerra del agua plástico del mundo. El clímax de la batalla es una justa del mundo, donde
el petróleo por debajo de la capa de hielo polar es el trofeo principal. Esta búsqueda del trofeo resulta en una explosión,
cuando el petróleo se agaba. Es la abierta retirada de la arteria, el suicidio, donde la operación de limpieza – descongelacion del hielo – acelera, calentando el tribu humano de la nodriza nuestra, con el celbro lavado, gritando, infundido con petróleo, dopado; una ilusión, la burbuja hace Bang! Estamos en el camino amargo negro a la epoca post-fósil.

Mi amor por ti es una
estampida de caballos domados ardiendo, sudando. “


The country of thousands of fakes
“Finland is known as the country of forests and thousands of lakes. Finland’s surface area (about 300 000km2 ) is 71% is forest. But less than 5% of the forest is in natural condition, not controlled and modified by man. The rest is fields of trees. Grown and calculated for the benefit of the forest industry.

In the diversity of the forest, humans have been an integral part of the ambivalent experience, encounter and dependency. Thus all natural relationships are sustaining life, creating an interrelated biodiversity.

On the contrary, modern human experiences maintain alienated relationships of ownership and exploitation of the life sustaining forest. For us humans, death has become a concept, separated from life. In the forest, the process of death and decomposition is an integral process of life.

In the forest death equals life.

In relation to water, the global value of water to life has now become the value of capital. The State of Finland is demonstrating this by flirting with foreign companies to support the mining industry. The mining disasters are destroying the biodiversity by changing the water biosystem for centuries, or possibly for ever. Also remnants of chemicals, such as antidepressants, e-pills and estrogen, radically change the biology of living water. Water treatment plants do not clean the chemical residues.

The water cycle is an ambivalent and metaphysical force that determines the way of life we know. It extends to every element of life. We, humans are 72 percent water. The change of the water cycles change the form of life as we know it. A change whose effects we can only guess. It changes us, the natural biota, mycelium and waters, but also our experience, our culture. 

These are echoes of the industrial revolution in the ancestral future; evolution to monoculture, post human landscapes, post industrial aquariums, post fossile forests, chemical clandestines. 

What remains for the post human world?

How do our current actions affect this future?

How our actions NowHere take place in the universe?

How are our cells are transformed?

How do we modify our genes for the future DNA? “

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