VeinEmoinen Exhibition


solo show took place 11.5.-11.6.2017 in KOUTA gallery in Kouvola Art Museum 2nd floor, in Kouvola, Finland. Here is documentation of the exhibition. More photos (better quality) will be uploaded shortly. Thank you all involved, people, KOUTA, Kouvolan Taidemuseo Poikilo staff, Kymi100-säätiö for financial support and also all who celebrated in person at the opening ceremony, as well as you about 200 people who signed the guest book. I am happy that so many experienced VeinEmoinen at this stage. Thank You!

Original photos VeinEmoinen for prints by Antti Ahonen

Slideshow included documentation by Antti Ahonen of the performance A La Toopi, and photos by myself of Harakointi exercises and few other photos.


Ajatar                       Nine Moon Cycles                  Taatsilla

Nine Moon Cycles

Detail of Moon dotting


Rhythm paintings installed on low, piece included sounds from the process of painting as well that one could listen with headphones.

..more to come.