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LOCO Live is a series of live performances by Sydney-based and international artists. Each performance represents a diverse response to the performers’ and viewers’ expectations regarding the transient nature of a pop-up gallery space. Through our collective action we interrogate the borderline between private and public, where a gallery as a space of the performer-viewer interaction ends and where it begins.

The live performance event will take place between 6pm and 9pm on December the 23rd at LOCO Project, Glebe.

Katya Petetskaya and Omer Backley-Astrachan will explore intimacy and the nature of interpersonal relationship by sharing the weight of a crate filled with objects chosen by the viewers in their durational physical endurance piece. James Needham-Walker will interrogate issues around contemporary masculinity and social justice by utilising institutional signifiers of ‘the uniform’ and ‘the army blanket’ to create a space of emotional and physical confinement. Gianni Wise will investigate ideas around the visual politics of social paranoia, security and narratives of fear in contemporary digital cultures, responding to public reactions to unattended items of baggage. Stella Chen is exploring the notion of vulnerability through her body in a transient space. Merri Hellisnt will be spinning speeding hammy Xmas screech (the sound that a pig makes when a baby breaks)…!

Curated by Katya Petetskaya

Katya Petetskaya
Gianni Wise
James Needham-Walker
Stella Chen
Merri Hellisnt